Welcome to Etico Consultancy



Etico Consultancy is a consulting firm consisting of professionals and experts facilitating international, national and regional organizations on projects concerning decent work, human rights and ethical governance. It was conceptualised and established in 2011 with the intention to enable organizations and companies to focus on employee management through social responsibility keeping international decent work standards as its core ideology.

The word ‘Etico’ has been derived from Italian vocabulary which means ‘ethical, moral justice or duty’. These ideals paved way in the form of a saying by a well known industrialist Henry Ford who stated that “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”.


Etico Consultancy aims to establish standards and values of employee management through social responsibility as its core ideal among businesses and companies. Companies and business organizations often correlate and confuse corporate social responsibility with charity and philanthropy and engage social responsibility standards to accomplish only compliance audits and assessments. Very seldom does businesses understand or value the importance of employee management as its core mission towards attaining social empowerment and sustainability.

“To enable companies and organizations to make ethics, employee management and social responsibility the first chapter of business development”.