Stakeholder Enrichment

Stakeholder Enrichment

The word stakeholder engagement is used loosely in most of our conversation these days without really giving it much importance. And more of than not, the engagement starts with profiling and desktop research of external organizations and ends at having a preliminary interview of conversation.

Very seldom does it go beyond since we fail to channelize the right partners for the right objective. Therefore, at Etico, we have created a new terminology – stakeholder enrichment. We are living in a world, where in spite of having our objectives and outcomes same, we tend to work in individual silos with the fear of trust building, misuse of information and unnecessary media attention.

However, we believe that collaboration is integral to development and implementation of a program. We help companies and organizations to establish key stakeholders and partners, based on their roles and expectations, and synergize these objectives to help each stakeholder arrive to its common core outcome.

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