Human rights policies and procedures

Development of policies and procedures for organizations on human rights

Most managers struggle to formulate policies and procedures for the purpose of establishing internal systems on labour and gender rights in their supply chain.

There are varied reasons for it – sometimes they do not have appropriate knowledge background, do not have complete sense of the supply chain understanding, or do not have adequate directions from the top management.

The end result often is a copy-pasted effort from the internet for the sake of documentation for auditing firms. One must understand that a policy is different from procedure, and thus the content of the policy must be different from that of a procedure. Whereas a policy is the core and starting point, procedures helps building and implementing systems at workplace.

With our expert team of consultants, we ensure that policies and procedures established by your organization shall be original, rich in theoretical content and crisp for field implementation. It shall be done only after a pedantic supply chain mapping and analysis.

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